In 2001 I was commissioned by the Henley on Thames Arts Festival to make 3 large scale sculptures to be sites on an extensive lawned area, next to the river Thames, in the center of the festival grounds. They were to provide a focus for the festivals visual arts program. The three pieces were made using a technique employed to build, amongst other things, surfboards, racing catamarans and light aircraft. It involved coating a core of high-density polystyrene with woven glass fibre and epoxy resin. This formed a very tough structure with an extraordinarily high tensile strength to weight ratio. The technique allowed a wonderful freedom of form making which would have been difficult and very costly to achieve in any other way. It allowed for shapes to drift and float with apparent disregard for gravity yet still withstand the effects of British wind and weather.

To see some movies of the pieces in the festival setting, click on the links below.